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Jewellery Care

Protecting your jewellery

One of the easiest ways to protect your jewellery is by removing it when engaging in sport, housework, gardening, cleaning, gym activities, swimming, or showering. These activities often involve repetitive impact with hard surfaces such as steel, which will abrade and distort the metal. As well as affecting the appearance, this will also shorten the life of your piece of jewellery. Use the box and protective pouch to store your jewellery in to protect it from being scratched or damaged by other jewellery.

Cleaning your Jewellery at Home

All gemstones will eventually require cleaning as a build-up of dust, creams and oils will adhere to them, making them appear dull. In most cases, this can easily be removed by using warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush (soft toothbrushes are ideal). Use the brush to scrub in and around the gemstones to remove this residue, then rinse in warm water and dry with a tissue. Give the metal a polish with a soft cloth